10-day forecasts from ECMWF for four different domains covering the period 2015-2018. The forecasts are on the top level grouped into year and on the second level into separate folders named after their initialisation date. There is one netcdf-file per time step including all variables.


  • total precipitation (tp) [m]
  • temperature at two meters (2t) [K]
  • surface solar radiation downwards (ssrd) [J m-2]
  • 10 metre V wind component (10v) [m/s]
  • 10 metre U wind component (10u) [m/s]
Spatial resolution Temporal resolution
Regular grid with 0.25deg longitudinal and 0.22486 latitudinal grid spacing 6 hours

The meteorological forecasts from the European Centre for Medium‐Range Weather Forecasts are freely available, yet for the PrimeWater project they were downloaded through SMHI as an ECMWF Member State.

Temporal coverage

2015 – 2018



Area of interest