Project overview

PrimeWater is a Horizon2020 funded research project that generates information on the effects of upstream changes on future water quality and quantity. Building on advanced Earth-Observation data products, integration with additional data sources and diagnostic modelling tools, public and private sector decisions for water resources management are provided with better and actionable information.

The services produced will provide:

  • Increased situational intelligence
  • enhanced predictive and early warning capabilities
  • adaptive management of water resources and

PrimeWater’s service line will be operationalized and tested in three international show cases for multiple downstream water services and operations.

PrimeWater is designed to impact (a) research in the fields of EOs, and hydrological and ecological modelling, (b) innovation in the water sector and the downstream sector of the European space market, (c) specific societal and environmental challenges, and (d) policy implementation.


PrimeWater a reality


of products and services to respond to the needs of end-users, and support market uptake

Community of Practice

for improving water resources management with the use of Earth Observations

Behaviour Analysis

to support understanding and how to overcome individual and institutional barriers in the uptake of new technologies

Earth Observations

yields new insights and early warning of harmful algal blooms and characterises the impact of sediment within the catchment

Process-based modeling

to improve ecological forecasting capabilities

Data-driven Modeling

to provide short-term water quantity and quality forecasts

Community of Practice
Behaviour Analysis
Earth Observations
Process-based Modeling
Data-driven Modeling



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Learn more about how to convert data from multispectral and hyperspectral sensors into usable information, what are the stakeholders' concerns towards EO-services and the importance of #VirtualLab
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In PrimeWater, @CNRsocial_ guides the development and testing of algorithms for #hyperspectraldata processing and mapping and contributes in the validation of the service line. Read here the blog of #ClaudiaGiardino about #VirtualLab

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If you work for a #water #utility, please take a moment to fill out the Smart Water Survey at https://smartwatersurvey.com before the end of September 2020.
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What are the main concerns of #stakeholders towards #EO-based services? And how can these be addressed within #PrimeWater?
Read here the #interview between the @IWAHQ and Prof Nikolaos Georgantzis (@BurgundySB):

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 870497.

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