On Tuesday 14th Sept, the EU project PrimeWater is going to be presented at the X International Conference AIT “PlanetCare from Space” Virtual Cagliari, 13-15 September 2021 (X AIT International Conference – Italian Society of Remote Sensing | Virtual Event (Cagliari), September 13-15, 2021 (unica.it)).

The AIT Conferences, workshops, seminars, and summer schools on Remote Sensing have a long and successful history over the last 30 years. Since 2016, the AIT Conferences subsequently took place every 2 years, moving in addition to an international connotation.

The 2021 Conference will provide opportunities for both creating a scientific-operational “networking” and giving presentations on a wide range of theoretical and applied topics. The “Planet Care from Space” title is mainly addressed to Geo-Envi-Hazards and Climate Change investigations, recognizing and reinforcing the important role of Remote Sensing technologies for both global environmental protection and mitigation of the climate changes effects in our society.

Learn more here: https://sites.unica.it/ait2020/