Mulargia Reservoir (Sardinia, IT) is one of the PrimeWater case studiesThe work conducted in Mulargia Reservois aims at exploring multiplatform optical data for assessing water quality. Here, PrimeWater also aims to assess the predictability of algae blooms – in terms of timing, extent, and intensity – for time scales spanning from several days to a few weeks ahead employing both process-based and data-driven models. Additionally, PrimeWater will further evaluate the limits of those modeling approaches in terms of their sources of uncertainty and forecast horizons.

The End-Users Consultation Workshop will aim at:
– Inform ENAS representatives and local stakeholders on the current research findings of PrimeWater Project towards multiplatform optical data research outcomes and EO-based forecasting modelling advances for early HAB detection and rapid response.
– Demonstrate and discuss with stakeholders on the early version of the forecasting-based DSS for water blending in Mulargia reservoir for proactive tackling of HABs.
– Stimulate further work for the second half of the PrimeWater project.

More information coming soon!